Below is a list of rules for the World Gypsy Dance Championships, to be hosted in London: 



- Entering the competition is free.


- The competition is worldwide.


- The competition is open to male and female, child and adult dancers as soloists, from the Gypsy, Roma, Traveller community.


- Entrants may compete in any dance style; - traditional or modern.


- Entrants must progress from an audition stage as set by the compeitition organisers, in order to qualify for the final in London.


- All entrants proceeding to the final must compete in costume, and wear their costume during the awards ceremony.


- All entrants making it through to the final must select and perform to recorded music (live accompaniment is not permitted at the    

 final for entrants)


- Entrants must prepare a dance choreography for the competition, although entrants may use a choreographer, dance

 professional or dance teacher to assist them with their choreography.


- All entrants will be asked to consent to being filmed and photographed by official event / television photographers and camera

 crew at the auditions and final.


- The judges decisions are final.